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Eaton’s new Conduit Trapeze Support has launched

The new B-Line series Conduit Trapeze Support (BCTS) significantly reduces total installed costs and saves space. These supports are an ideal alternative to traditional strut and pipe clamps or custom trapeze supports. The versatile Z-shaped design supports various sizes of conduit, cable tray / wire basket and attachment of other accessories like electrical boxes.

BCTS is offered in three hole sizes and can be ordered in standard lengths or easily cut to length in the field. Standard hole patterns make it easy to stack for multiple tiers or splice end to end. The Conduit Trapeze Support’s feed-through design delivers a lower installed cost solution with up to a 50% savings on installation time in new construction or retrofit applications

To learn more, visit the Conduit Trapeze Support web page or download the following sales tools:

·     Conduit Trapeze Support Video

·     Conduit Trapeze Support Brochure

·     Conduit Trapeze Support Savings Calculator




Coming soon - Korean and Chinese videos

The 2.0 structural steel video and website were made available earlier this year, and coming in late May we will have the Korean and Chinese version of the structural steel videos. Make sure to check out the new site at Eaton.com/sss.




Are your contractors signed up yet?

The new 4Dimension strut contractor rebate program for principal owners and the 4Dimension strut rewards program for individual contractors began on April 1, 2018. Need more information about the program, contact us at BL-Marcomm@Eaton.com.

It’s simple to get registered. Have your contractors log onto Eatonrewards.com. Simply click on the “register” button on the home page, and select the program by name.

·     Owners: “I’m signing up for the Eaton B-Line 4Dimension Strut Rebate”

·     Individuals: “I’m signing up for the Eaton Contractor Rewards Program”


New product line manager for spring steel fasteners

We are pleased to introduce a new member to the Eaton product marketing team. Jonathan Fore will be our new product line manager for the Spring Steel Fastener line. Should you need support from Jonathan, he can be contacted at JonathanNFore@eaton.com.


New process for marketing requests

In order to streamline the process for requesting new marketing communication projects, we have created a new online process to help ensure data is provided up front and can be responded to in a timely manner. These include any channel marketing / customer requests or internal requests for brochures, flyers, emails, content, web, videos, etc.

1.  Gather the pertinent project details including: product line(s) supported, customer name, request type (brochure, flyer, trade show/event, other), due date (please reference the typical timelines), final format required, contact email and phone for final submission / questions, any finalized supporting documents / details, funding information and ROI

2.  Fill out the online request form

3.  Allow at least 2 business days for a reply

4.  If approved, timeline will be provided.

Learn More.





B-Line by Eaton Education Web Site        B-Line by Eaton Solar        B-Line by Eaton Buzznut

B-Line by Eaton Grip Strut           B-Line by Eaton Combo Nut Washer

B-Line by Eaton's new KwikWireTM Hanging System


B-Line is excited to announce its new Education web site featuring eLearning modules on B-Line products and solutions. With the introduction of this new site, we have several new eLearning modules ready for you to start learning more about B-Line products and solutions today!


Four New TOLCO™ Seismic Bracing eLearning Videos

From basic to advanced information, these videos cover TOLCO Seismic Bracing for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), and Fire Protection System (FPS) solutions within hospitals, schools and universities, government and commercial buildings, airport, etc. applications.

bullet Lesson 1 – Understanding B-Line Seismic Business
bullet Lesson 2 – Basics of Seismic Bracing
bullet Lesson 3 – Codes and Standards of Seismic Bracing
bullet Lesson 4 – Seismic Bracing Value Proposition

B-Line has a new simplified Seismic Bracing quote form.  Click here to submit your quote request.

Three New B-Line Cable Ladder eLearning Videos

Including basic to advanced information on B-Line cable ladder for electrical and datacom cable management systems.


bullet Lesson 1 – Cable Ladder Basics
bullet Lesson 2 – Understanding Codes and Standards for Cable Ladder
bullet Lesson 3 – Understanding the Differences between NEMA and IEC


More Videos to Come Soon

B-Line strives to provide educational information to help further your understanding of our products and solutions. We continue to create new eLearning and Instructional videos on a regular basis. Be sure to access the site regularly for new video additions. 

Start your learning experience now,
click here.  



click here for more information about the product above and many others solar products from B-Line by Eaton

click here for more information



As you may already know, B-Line Total Ruff-IN™ is a complete turn-key solution that converts project drawings into a mapped room-by-room outline of Ruff-IN™ pre-fab assemblies.

But here’s some very exciting news you may not know! When B-Line was asked to put Total Ruff-IN up against conventional electrical installation methods in an actual job-site, the results were phenomenal! Not only did the Total Ruff-IN installation save the customer 35% on labor costs, it provided a number of additional benefits, such as:

bulletEasy-to-read drawings and instructions
bulletFewer mistakes during installation
bulletLess trash and no wasted parts on the jobsite
bulletNo need to measure or guess lengths on MC cable whips
bulletNo extra parts, packaging or tools required
bulletEnables room-by-room or floor-by-floor delivery by installation schedule

You can learn more by viewing our video of a side-by-side installation comparison, along with comments from the actual installers and contractors who were onsite during the taping.  Here are a few ways to view this video and share it with others:

bulletYouTube at www.youtube.com/cooperbline
bulletPodcast or Flash under the Total Ruff-IN section of the following link: www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Tools.asp

We’ve also updated our Ruff-IN web pages on www.cooperbline.com. The home page remains the same – www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/index.asp – but we’ve condensed the verbiage and broken it down into easier to read and follow pages. Here are the new links you’ll now find at the Ruff-IN Home Page:

bulletOfferings: www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Offerings.asp
bulletProducts: www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Products.asp
bulletTools: www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Tools.asp
bulletConfigurator: www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Configurator.asp (this link remains the same)

To support this video, we’ve also created a document that breaks down the savings shown in the video. To download this document, go to the Total Ruff-IN section here: www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Offerings.asp

Original support materials for Total Ruff-IN are available at www.cooperbline.com/Ruff-IN/Tools.asp.

Total Ruff-IN Tools
You may also want to click on and download the selling tools below:

bullet Ruff-IN Contractor Questionnaire
bullet Total Ruff-IN Presentation (PDF)
bullet Ruff-IN with MC Cable Memo




B-Line Grip Strut® Safety Grating Applications


B-Line is the manufacturer of the original Grip Strut® Safety Grating. Others have attempted to imitate it, but in test after test no other safety grating makes the grade!

Grip Strut® exceeds Federal Specification RRG-1602-Latest Revision. Multi-directional tests were performed under five conditions - dry, greasy, muddy, soapy and icy - with results proving up to 180% more slip-resistance than other similar products. The serrated surface of Grip Strut® provides for slip resistance in all directions, under all conditions! And with 4-1/2" side channels on Grip Strut® walkway platforms, OSHA requirement for toeboards on elevated structures is also satisfied.

The open design of Grip Strut® minimizes maintenance, permitting quick drainage of fluids, chips, grease and mud, and ice accumulation shears easily under normal foot pressure.

High strength-to-weight performance is achieved through depth of section and structural design. The one piece construction offers integral side channels that form a plank that can support loads with minimum traverse and longitudinal deflection.

Regular Grip Strut® is available in a multitude of options to accommodate your needs for ladder rungs, stair treads, platforms and elevated walkway systems:

bullet Widths from 1-5/8" to 24"
bullet Depths from 1-1/8" to 4-1/2"
bullet Lengths up to 24'
bullet 12 and 14 gauge steel (mill galvanized, black HRPO), .080" and .100" aluminum, and 16 gauge stainless steel are standard finishes
bullet Ladder rung, plank and walkway configurations.

Heavy Duty Grip Strut® is a one-of-a-kind plank grating sporting a hefty 24 foot clear span capability. Heavy Duty Grip Strut® Safety Grating products offer the advantages of Regular Grip Strut®
with the capacity for greater loads and/or longer spans. Heavy Duty Grip Strut® walkways are ideal for process plants, refineries, grain elevators, conveyor walkways, bridge inspection walkways, and papermills. Heavy Duty Grip Strut® is more competitive than ever against bar grating - shorter lead times, less support structure and installation savings gained make it the most unique formed plank grating available. Like the original Grip Strut®, Heavy Duty Grip Strut® has an array of options to meet the most stringent requirements:

bullet Widths from 9-1/4" to 36"
bullet Depths from 2" to 5"
bullet Lengths up to 24'
bullet 9, 10, and 11 gauge steel (mill galvanized, black HRPO), and .150" aluminum
bullet Plank and walkway configurations

Grip Strut® Industrial Safety Grating accessories are available to satisfy nearly any requirement. Please consult the GS Metals catalog or contact us for more information.


When your running boards have become unsafe because they are broken, missing or bent, step up to the "Grip Strut® Advantage". Cooper B-Line "Grip Strut®" running boards, brake steps and end platforms offer the safest, most skid-resistant walking surface available.

End Platforms and Brake Steps:
B-Line brake steps and end platforms include brake chain collar reinforcements for added strength and a universal mounting slot pattern for ease of application. Grip Strut® Safety Plate features a serrated surface to grab shoe soles tightly and provide solid slip resistance in all directions. Large, diamond shaped openings keep hazardous snow, ice and mud off the surface. There are no traps to collect deposits and cause slippage. End platforms and brake steps, formed from a single piece of Grip Strut® Safety Plate have no joints to loosen or break from vibration or impact.

Running boards include end channel supports for minimal deflection while walking. Boards equipped with grab irons have super strength mounting pads to ensure maximum protection where it is needed most. Call us today for you walkway requirements. Grip Strut® Safety Plate is AAR-approved, and the self-cleaning design exceeds Federal anti-slip requirements.