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Product Line



THHN, THW, Bare Copper, MTW, Tinned, 18 TFF thru 750MCM THHN and Striped, Tray Cable

Cable Lubricants-Cable Cleaners/Aerosols-Live Line Products-Sealants


Liquid-Tite Conduit, Aluminum Flex, Stainless Steel Flex, High Temperature Wrap


All Thread Rod, Jack Chain, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Anchors, Fire Stop, Communication & Alarm Cable

 Territory : USA

Steel, Aluminum, & Fiberglass Strut, Steel, Aluminum, & Fiberglass Tray, Mechanical Hangers, Spring Steel Fasteners, J Hooks, Enclosures, Center Rail Tray, Wire Basket Tray, Redi-Rail Tray

4D Strut Videos and Resourses

Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Power Modules, Disconnect Switches and Edison Brand


Shatterproof Lamps, UV Film, Photographic Safety Lights, Color Corrected Fluorescent, Tubeguards, Polar-Guard, Tru Color Plus

Transformer Products, Switchgear Products

Grounding and Lightning Protection Conductors, Ground Electrodes and Accessories, Ground Bars and Accessories, UL Listed Signal Reference Grid & Prefabricated Ground Mesh, Grounding Straps and Jumpers, Pool and Fence Grounding Equipment, Lightning Protection Components, TVSS Equipment, Communication Site Equipment, Ground Test Equipment (Megger ™), Ultraweld Exothermic Connections

Harger Video Library

Drone Training Video

Precast Polymer Concrete Products, Underground Enclosures, Electrical Equipment Pads, Telecommunication Cabinet Pads, Traffic Signal Cabinet Bases

Made in the USA. Many styles and sizes have the UL Label. As one Memphis PE put, “I would accept an equal to Quazite, but so far no one has ever shown me one.”

EMT Fittings, Flex Metal Conduit, Liquid-tight Fittings, Malleable Fittings, Service Entrance Fittings, Steel Fittings

Weatherproof, Box Covers, Conduit Bodies, Wallplates
PVC Coated Conduit, Nipples, Couplings, Elbows

Made in the USA Fittings

MC-THHN, BX Cable, NMD90

PVC Conduit, Riser Guard, Plenum Guard, Special Radius Fittings

Energy Efficient Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting, Fixtures, Sensors and Controls
 Bare CopperSingle Conductors (XHHW-2, XLP USE-2/RHH-RHW-2, SIS, PV, Cathodic, Transformer Riser, THW)Twisted Cables (ServicePlex®, 400Hz, Aerial)Tray Cables, Feeder MC and Jacketed Armor CablesPump and Irrigation Cables (UF, Sprinkler, Low Energy Circuit, Submersible Pump) and Adjustable Speed Drive Cables for VFD applications (ServiceDrive®)

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